Talos Guardian

We're Here While You're Away
Talos Guardian is your peace of mind while you are away. Whether you own a VRBO property or are away during Montana's changing seasons, our licensed professionals are available and on call for all of your property needs. From making sure you locked up to standing by while the plumber fixes leaks, Talos Guardian is here for you.
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Local, Licensed Professionals

Talos is a licensed locally owned company, here to take care of your property whether you're near or far, we're there when you can't be.

Peace of Mind Protection

We create custom property services, from helping contractors access your home while your away, to property check-in services and inspections.

Your property is in good hands.

We want property owners to feel at ease. For snowbirds, this means knowing your property is protected, well maintained, and looks as you left it when you return. For investors, it's the peace of mind that comes from knowing your asset is in the hands of a licensed, bonded, and insured company.

Secure property and premises.

Coordination and assistance with landscape and maintenance crews.

On site services while contactors work and securing your property when they leave.

Running faucets and checking for frozen lines and leaks.

Property hazard identification (broken limbs and security issues)

Vehicle Pickup and Drop Off Services

Ensuring heaters, A/c, and any appliances are operational.

Retrieving mail and packages left while you're gone.

Over 120 point property inspection.



Weekly Check-In Services


Twice Weekly Check-In Services


Monthly Check-In Services


A Single Check-In

Pool, Sauna, Hot Tub Check


Waiting Service

$50/hr is required to stay on permises or $75/day to open/secure premises after services.

Plant Watering

$15/ visit for basic household plant watering.

Vehicle Pickup/ Dropoff

*Consists of one pickup or drop-off (ex: pickup vehicle from airport and deliver to you home. 30 mi. limit)

    A Property Solutions Company Built on Security

    Talos Guardian clients get access to security services like 24/7/365 support for ANY situation.
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