Better Security Through Technology

Talos is partnered with TrackTik to deliver security services that are fully aligned with our customers’ needs. Connectivity, automation, data collection, and reporting through TrackTik enables us to do security differently and deliver greater impact for your investment.

Tailored to your needs

With TrackTik, we have complete operational oversight and control of our personnel and workspace. We are able to automate repetitive tasks, develop protocols, and effectively evaluate your specific security environment in order to design a plan that works for you.

Proactive Security

TrackTik optimizes how we collect and analyze security data. Collecting data over time allows us to spot trends and patterns, which then allows us to modify protocols and procedures and adopt a more proactive approach to our security operations.

Client Portal

With the TrackTik Client Portal, we can share targeted, real-time data on our security operations and offer our clients a complete picture of what is happening on the ground. Permissions-based access mitigates information risks to your organization. Being able to generate electronic reports in the field allows our guards to submit reports in an efficient and timely way. Invoicing based on precise operational data ensures that our billing is accurate and reflects your contract and SLA to the letter. Standardized reporting and a traceable data trail also helps you achieve compliance requirements.

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